Pochettino: Xavi Hernandez is my enemy; he wants to destroy our focus

The Spurs coach replied to comments about Man City wanting Dele Alli

"He hates me because he's Barça -- maybe he works for City?" he joked

Pochettino carga contra Xavi por decir que Guardiola quiere a Dele Alli
Pochettino carga contra Xavi por decir que Guardiola quiere a Dele Alli | AFP

Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino has replied to former Barcelona captain Xavi Hernandez, who said earlier this week Pep Guardiola wants Dele Alli at Manchester City

Miguel Pérez

Dele is one of Tottenham's best players and it has led to Pochettino -- in a light-hearted manner -- recriminating Xavi for his comments. 

"Xavi in a period when he loves to talk," he said in a press conference. "He was a Barcelona player, he's my enemy. I know him very well. He tried to destroy our focus to win because he hates me because he's Barcelona -- a player, a fan, you know.

The Argentine coach has some moments saved in his memory when he feels Xavi's behaviour on the pitch was less than exemplary. 

"I played against him a lot and when I was a manager [at Espanyol]," he continued. "Yesterday, Thierry [Henry] was here and we remembered the game that he [Xavi] cheated the referee. He fell down, it wasn't a penalty, but [Zlatan] Ibrahimovic scored for Barcelona and they won the game.

"The marking man was Raul Baena, Xavi fell down and said 'penalty.' They gave a penalty. After, in the video [replay], it was very funny because no one touched him and everyone in the media was saying, 'No, no trust me -- it was a penalty.' Come on! It goes from lie to lie to lie.

"I don't know what Xavi said but he is working for Manchester City, maybe? He wants to help Guardiola and [club captain Vincent] Kompany."



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