Xavi Hernandez reveals that Guardiola wants Dele Alli

"I speak with Pep and he's the type of player he likes, who'd adapt to his football"

Tottenham would demand close to -- or even more than -- 100 million euros for Dele

Guardiola quiere a Dele Alli en el nuevo proyecto del City
Guardiola quiere a Dele Alli en el nuevo proyecto del City | AFP

Pep Guardiola wants Dele Alli in his team and Manchester City are keen to do what they can to satisfy their coach's desire. 

Miguel Pérez

The 21-year-old Tottenham midfielder is one of the most-wanted players in Europe and Guardiola has him at the top of his list of summer priorities. 

Former Barcelona captain Xavi Hernandez, who maintains a great friendship with Pep, has revealed as much. 

"Technically he's the type of player that [Pep] likes, he would adapt perfectly to his style of play," said Xavi, who acknowledged that "it's difficult to imagine Tottenham letting him leave, even though City have hige resources." 

In this sense, it coumes down to Spurs' demands, which could even exclipes the 105 million euros paid by Manchester United for Paul Pogba last summer. 

But away from just his quality, there's something else Guardiola likes about Dele Alli: his nationality. 

Xavi continued: "I've spoke with Pep and I know that he thinks it's very important for City to sign English players, although I'm sure he will be looking across the whole of Europe, too." 

In any case, City won't find it easy to sign Dele Alli, given Tottenham's reluctance to sell and the interest from clubs such as Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain. 

If Spurs did finally decide to sell, it could be an historic deal. Dele Alli arrived at the club in 2014 for just five million euros and he could go for 20 times that amount this summer. 



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