UEFA could kick PSG out of the Champions League

L'Equipe say their sponsorship 'deals' could result in them being booted out

El PSG sobrevive en Champions | MEDIAPRO

UEFA has PSG in their sights again for an alleged breach of financial fair play, as reported by L'Equipe. The prestigious French newspaper says that balancing the accounts of the club is "almost as difficult as winning the Champions League”. Their presence in the Champions League is, according to the sports newspaper, at risk and also the futures of their two main stars: the Brazilian Neymar and the Frenchman Mbappé - are at stake.

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The football body has already issued an official statement to warn them that it can reopen closed accounts after the latest revelations from Football Leaks. Without naming them, UEFA referred to Manchester City and PSG. But apart from that news, L'Equipe revealed that the CFCB's Chamber of Adjudication has been working since July 3 on the subject and its criteria for valuing sponsorship contracts are much tougher.

The newspaper notes that the sponsorship agreements of the club with Qatar companies have been devalued, which would move them from 138 million euros to 87m. A very clear example is the contract with QTA, the main sponsor, which would have a real value of 58 million euros and not 100m as appears in the PSG accounts.

The risk is that, should the matter be confirmed, the PSG would close the year with a deficit of 84 million euros, far exceeding the loss limit of 30 million set in UEFA controls. And that would result in possible sanctions, which would go from imposing a signings ban, the retention of Champions League income or even expulsion from the competition. The French side would be a repeat offender.

The sponsorship contracts, according to L'Equipe, is not the only section being analysed by the Chamber of Adjudication, which is also looking into the signings of Neymar and Mbappé and how the amortizations are calculated. The newspaper says that between the salaries of the two players, PSG are required to find 150 million euros in annual revenues to balance their accounts.



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