Benfica have the money to sign Jose Mourinho

The Portuguese side's president said that cash ain't no issue when it comes to hiring the Portuguese coach

Mourinho podría ponerse al frente del Benfica
Mourinho podría ponerse al frente del Benfica | EFE

Benfica president Luis Filipe Vieira is seriously thinking about hiring Jose Mourinho to take over. The rumour came up in Portugal but then was quashed by claims that Mourinho would demanad too much money. However the president came out sand said "the money is no problem", opening the debate again.

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Vieira said he had not spoken to Mourinho though. Rui Vitoria was sacked last Friday because of the team's bad results and they are looking for a new man.

Bruno Laje is working as interim coach for now and the president said that he will stay in charge until the end of next week. Mourinho is a free man after being sacked by Manchester United.


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