World Cup-winner Papu Gomez facing two-year suspension for doping

World Cup-winner Papu Gomez facing two-year suspension for doping


The ex-Sevilla player took cough syrup when he was feeling unwell

Papu Gómez has tested positive for doping, according to 'Relevo'. This is what the anti-doping authorities have informed him, in addition to sanctioning him for two years without playing football.

The footballer and Sevilla were aware of the matter months ago, when he was notified, although it was only this week that he received the two-year ban. It is a sanction that, at 35 years of age, could put an end to the Argentinian's sporting career. 

Cough syrup

Just three weeks after signing for Serie A side Monza, the World Cup winner is out of football for two years. All because of a cough syrup he took one night when he was unwell.

The doctors came by surprise to carry out an anti-doping control. According to the player's version, he had had a bad night a few days before. The player decided to take his son's medication without consulting the club doctors and the next day he went to training.

Despite the allegations made by Papu Gómez to avoid a sanction, the anti-doping rules are very clear and it has to be the player himself who consults the Prohibited List of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

This behaviour is not allowed by the authorities, as he should at least have reported it before taking it. 

The player could therefore see his sporting career come to an end.

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