Why does Lionel Messi's son celebrate when Real Madrid score a goal?

The Argentine superstar revealed that his son Mateo always cheers when Barça concede to irritate his other brother Thiago

Así vacila Mateo a Messi: Yo soy el Liverpool, que les ganó! ¡O el Valencia! | @TyCSports

Leo Messi gave another interview in Argentina and this time with TyC Sports. And this one also revealed some things most of us never knew.

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One of those secrets is that his middle son, at the tender age of three, is a real troublemaker. Mateo loves to irritate his older brother Thiago and has many ways of getting the reaction he wants. He'll even go as far as celebrating Real Madrid's goals.

"Thiago never misses a (Barça) match." But when his younger brother started to get into football he didn't miss a beat in finding a way to cause an argument. "We were playing at home and he told me: 'I'll be Liverpool because they beat you." He did the same with Valencia. "Valencia beat you, eh? I'm a Valencia fan," he explained to Estudio Fútbol.

A Real Madrid fan?

But that wasn't the end of it. Leo explained his middle son went one step further. "They'll be watching it on TV and he'll cheer when Real Madrid score to upset his brother. He acts like he's a Madrid fan!"

"Joining up with the national team is more difficult"

The long trip back to South America in order to repesent his country is taking its toll on Messi, on a personal level. "It's hard to leave them. Each time it's worse. It's hard to join up with the national team and I suffer being away from them."



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