Lionel Messi opens up about his sons' experiences with Barça Academy

The Argentine star admits he loves watching both Thiago and Mateo playing football

 Los Messi pasaron la tarde de este jueves en los campos de entrenamiento viendo jugar a los más pequeños | LeoMessi

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Leo Messi talked to 'Fox Sports' about the experience of watching his children play for FC Barcelona's football school, more commonly known as the Barça Academy. "Both are in the club's little school. At first they made a special group for the children of the players. We are allowed in and can take them out when we want to."

During the interview he was jokingly asked if Barça offered him a discount price for his two sons. "No, we pay the same as everyone else. Thiago has been going for two years now. Mateo finished up last year and enjoyed it a lot. I love to go with them."

Messi also admitted he, alongside Luis Suarez, loved watching the children play. "We're always there. They train on Monday and Thursday. Luis has a son the same age, Benja, and they train together. We spend the afternoon there drinking mate during the training session." Messi revealed that neither of his sons are left-footed like him. "They're the opposite of me! Luis' son is a leftie but mine aren't."


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