Piqué keeps a low profile and doesn't attend FC Andorra's promotion

The Barça player, who owns FC Andorra, has decided not to attend the celebrations after his team's Copa del Rey defeat

El once del Andorra con el que salió a jugar ante el Viladecans
El once del Andorra con el que salió a jugar ante el Viladecans | FC ANDORRA

Gerard Pique has been very active at FC Andorra after purchasing the club, via his business 'Kosmos', but he decided not to attend the side's match this Sunday.

Ivan San Antonio


The centre back didn't feel it would be right to celebrate FC Andorra's promotion following the Copa del Rey defeat against Valencia last night. Pique had originally planned to be present as his side push for automatic promotion to the Spanish third division. At the time of writing they are 3-0 up.

Talk around FC Andorra was that Pique would attend and be present to thank the players for their promotion success. Obviously those plans needed to change after Barça lost the Copa del Rey final.

There's still a chance he may appear during the celebrations but rather in the background with less spotlight on him. After what happened to Ivan Rakitic following the defeat to Liverpool, Pique will be keen to avoid putting himself in the firing line.



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