Nelson Semedo explains his fight with Neymar for the first time

The defender was pictured squaring up to former Barca star Neymar in the US

The incident occured shortly before Neymar upped sticks and headed to PSG

Así fue la trifulca entre Neymar y Semedo | sport

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Nelson Semedo was involved in one of the last episodes of Neymar's career at Barcelona. Having just signed for the club, Semedo ended up fighting with Neymar during a training session on the tour of the United States. An incident captured on camera.

Five months after that incident, Semedo has spoken about it in an interview with Maisfutebol. "It didn't set me back, it was a normal situation in training. However, it had a repercussion beyond the normal level. Personally it didn't affect me because I had the support of the team and my friends, but it obviously infleunced me. I just arrived and one of the most important platers in the team got in a fight with me. It annoyed me at the time but I also understood he was in a difficult moment, he wanted to leave.

"I had no idea that Neymar would go, but the rest of the dressing room expected it. I didn't imagine in that time that he would leave Barcelona for PSG. It surprised me, like the rest of the fans who were shocked. He was an important player for the team and very loved."



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