Nelson Semedo: I made peace with Neymar

The Portuguese defender scrapped with the Brazilian in the USA

He said it was a normal training incident and that peace was reached

Así fue la discusión entre Neymar y Semedo | GTRES

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Nelson Semedo, Barcelona's Portuguese right-back, has spoken about the incident which saw him fighting with Neymar in the USA tour. "We made peace," revealed Semedo.

"It was nothing. It was a normal play in training. We train very intensely and it was a play that can happen. Now it's over, it was fine and I wish the best for him. We made peace, yes," explained the defender.

Neymar signed for PSG for 222 million euros a few days later. 

Semedo said that Douglas would be a good replacement for him at Benfica. "He's an excellent player, I like him a lot and I think he'd be a good substitute, yes."



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