Liverpool firm on Coutinho price and Barça have decision to make

A January deal for the Brazilian playmaker is possible

However, Barça will have to pay 140 million euros

Coutinho marcó un hat trick en la goleada del Liverpool ante el Spartak | BEINSPORTS

Barcelona are on their final offensive to sign Philippe COutinho in January and it seems as if the operation could have a happy ending. Liverpool are open to selling he playmaker, but they've made it clear only for a fee of around 140 million euros. The door is open and now Barça must decide if they want to break their transfer record again. 

The club never burned their bridges with Liverpool after the summer. Coutinho's agents kept contact alive during the last few months and Barça have re-opened negotiations in the last few days. They count on the player's desire to move. He has made it clear he's not ready to accept any offer that is not from Barça. Under no concept will he move to Paris Saint-Germain, despite their interest. 

Liverpool need a replacement to justify their change of plans regarding Coutinho. The English club have always said they would keep him and coach Jurgen Klopp has been especially strong on that point. For that reason, Liverpool need a signing that would satisy the club's supporters. 

Barça's dilemma, at the moment, is deciding if it's the right moment to sign Coutinho for 140 million. For the club, the numbers are achievable and the fee could be paid in installments. But it would be their biggest ever signing. Coutinho's a player who everyone at the club agrees is needed and the players want him, but the price scares. 

Meanwhile, Liverpool have been looking for a replacement. Monaco's Lemar is the chosen one. It would be a masterstroke because it would take away a player from Chelsea and Arsenal, who also want him, thanks to the Coutinho millions. 

Barça want' switfness in the Coutinho case. For now, there's a price and everything will depend on what the club decides. If Barça give the green light to the deal, Coutinho will be Blaugrana. The Brazilian could be on his way. 


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