Bayern Munich decide to wait for Philippe Coutinho

They are watching to see what happens with PSG and Neymar

Así llegó Coutinho a Detroit tras cerrarse el mercado inglés | David Boti

Bayern Munich are waiting for Philippe Coutinho until the end of the window, per SportBild. They believe the Barca playmaker could be a good opportunity. If the deal between Barca and PSG for Neymar, in which Coutinho would go the other way, breaks down, Bayern could strike for the midfielder and loan him for two seasons.

Lluís Miguelsanz

Lluís Miguelsanz

Bayern were offered Coutinho two weeks ago but decided to speak to Barca only after they lost the chance to sign Leroy Sane because of his injury. They think Coutinho could prove a good alternative.

Bayern will not go mad for him but they would pay his wage and a small payment as a loan fee. Barca aren't convinced but if the Neymar deal doesn't go well they may go along with it. Coutinho would be fine with the Bayern loan.


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