Neymar, separated from PSG, trains by himself

The Brazilian's future is on the line and both Barca and Madrid want him

 El brasileño ha hecho una parte del entreno con sus compañeros del PSG | Perform

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Neymar's future is in the air. PSG know he will leave by the end of the summer and the only question seems to be if it will be to Barcelona or Real Madrid. PSG have decided to leave Neymar by himself, away from the rest of the group training, per Brazilian media Esporte Interativo.

On Tuesday PSG and Barca met to pull closer on negotiations. Until this moment they had sounded out a deal but this meeting was about putting all the cards on the table. Coutinho, Semedo and Rakitic's names were mentioned but there was no consensus between both sides.

Until a deal is reached, be it with Barcelona or Madrid, Neymar will keep working alone. The team started their Ligue 1 campaign with a win without him.



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