Bartomeu criticises Neymar after his move to Paris Saint-Germain

The Barça president said Ney's way of doing things was not the best

"Everything has its limit and no player is above Barca," Bartomeu said

Congreso Mundial de Penyes del FC Barcelona | I. Paredes

Sergio Vera

Josep Maria Bartomeu has spoken for the first time since Neymar's departure to Paris Saint-Germain. The Barcelona president was speaking at the 38the Congreso Mundial de Peñas and openly criticised the Brazilian's exit. 

He said: "You know Neymar's formed part of this club's success but he's not history. He wanted to leave. It’s his decision, despite the fact we did everything in our power for him to stay. We always acted responsibly and while we do not share his his decision, we do respect it -- although that’s not to say we don’t defend our own interests." 

It was then when he directed more words towards Neymar, who joined PSG in a deal worth 222 million euros last week. 

"Everything has its limit and no player is above Barca," he added. "The commitment and loyalty of Leo Messi and Andres Iniesta should be an example. [Neymar’s] way of doing things were not the best. It wasn’t befitting of a Barcelona player."


THE FUTURO WITH 222 MILLION EUROSBartomeu also said the club were prepared for Ney to leave: "We anticipated that Neymar could leave and that’s why we increased his clause. 

"When the doubts over his future began we were calm because either decision would have been good. If he stayed, we’d have been left with a great player and if he left we’d have got a great amount of money." 


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