Arthur speaks about controversial photograph wearing a Barcelona shirt

The Gremio midfielder is wanted by Barça and other European clubs

He's missing the Club World Cup due to an injury

Arthur Henrique Ramos en la agenda del FC Barcelona | Sports21

Gremio midfielder Arthur has spoken about the photograph he appeared in wearing a Barcelona shirt. The midfielder is in Brazil, recovering from an injury, and will not play in the Club World Cup final against Real Madrid. 

"My agent told me that some directors from Barcelona would come to Porto Alegre to get to know me. There's always this first contact, but it's in good faith, nothing to hide from Gremio. In the middle of the lunch, they offered me a Barcelona shirt. Who doesn't want to wear the Barça shirt and play for them? It was a photopgraph that shouldn't have come out. But it's been cleared up. Gremio have my economic rights. If there's an official offer, they will have to speak with Gremio. If it's a good offer, then they will speak with me to reach an greement. Until then, there's nothing official," Arthur commented on the now famous image. 

He added: "All players dream of playing for Barcelona. My first dream was to sign for a big club in Brazil, with an identity. My dream was to play for Gremio as a professional, for everything I've been through here. When things work out well and other big clubs are interested, it's gratifying. One of my qualities is to recognise that and be grateful. I don't forget my origins, though." 


Arthur also said that "in the world of football you can't guarantee anything. Football is unpredictable. Look at everything that's happened this year. I can't assure that I will or won't be here." But he denied an agreement with Barcelona: "They didn't talk about wages, they didn't make me an offer... the just wanted to meet my family."

Arthurs believes that he "left a good impression, as they did. They treated me well. They were affectionate with me. I have a contract with Gremio, though. Only if there's an offer and Gremio accept, will I be at Barcelona in January. I would never leave through the back door."



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