The ITF are getting ready to take Gerard Pique to court

The ITF are getting ready to take Gerard Pique to court

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They think they have a case after he pulled out of organising the Davis Cup

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) is preparing a claim for damages against the Kosmos company, owned by Gerard Pique, for having unilaterally broken a contract that they signed in 2019.

Kosmos unilaterally renounced the agreement reached at the time, which was to be for the next 25 years. "I perceive this as a long-term project. The agreement is for 25 years," Pique said at the presentation of the agreement in New York.

Three years later, this agreement ended because Piqué could not meet the payments, either the 40 million a year that he had to give to the ITF or the 10 million a year to the participants.

Now, the International Tennis Federation is once again taking control of the Davis Cup and is thinking about what format the new competition will have and, at the same time, is studying legal measures against Gerard Pique and his company for accumulated debts and damages. and damages for the poor image given off by the end of said agreement.

The ITF is willing to take Pique to court to win the damages caused by the decision to stop organising the competition. ITF’s lawyers are convinced that they will win the trial.

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