Rally crash: Six left dead in A Coruña after car crash

Six people have died in Spain on Saturday evening after a car crashed during a rally race in A Coruña, according to sources at the Guardia Civil.

The tragic accident took place at 20.00h CET on the final stretch of the route in Carral, in the region of Galicia, when one of the cars in the race exited the road. 

It was an accident which took place in an area where there was a large number of people grouped to watch the tally. The car last control and went into the crows at a great speed, with the rally being immediately suspended. 

As well as the deaths of four women and two men, witnesses have said there are also many more people with injuries. At least 10 people have been taken to the hospital in A Coruña. 

Eye witnesses have taken to Twitter to share photos of the crash. "Two dead and several injured in a rally in Coruna in the last minute," Monica Carrillo wrote earlier. 

"Serious accident at Coruna rally, there may be two dead and a dozen injured," someone else put on Twitter. Jesus Romero posted a photo with the caption: "Rally Courña. Crash victims." 



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