"Dani is not capable of this" - Dinorah, Dani Alves's ex-wife, speaks to SPORT


"Dani is not capable of this" - Dinorah, Dani Alves's ex-wife, speaks to SPORT

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The Brazilian defender's former partner gives her opinion on the case that has Alves locked up provisionally

In an exclusive interview with SPORT that will be published tomorrow in both the print and online editions of the Grupo Prensa Ibérica newspapers, Dinorah Santana, the ex-wife of Dani Alves, explains how the family is experiencing the imprisonment of the former Barcelona player accused of raping a girl in the private bathroom of the Sutton, a nightclub in Barcelona, on the night of 30 December 2022.

In this conversation carried out by the journalist Albert Masnou, deputy director of SPORT, Dinorah explains details about how Dani Alves is suffering in prison and complains he has been subjected to a parallel trial through public opinion. Dinorah gives her version of a trial that, according to her, makes no sense because "Dani is incapable of doing something like this". At the same time, she reveals details of her private life, such as the fact that the two have known each other "for 22 years", arguments that lead her to assert that "Dani is incapable of dishonouring a woman". She said that "Dani is being condemned beforehand, without having been tried. Dani would be incapable of dishonouring a woman. I was married to him for 10 years and I have known him for 22 years. Everyone in Dani's entourage, from the one who cleans his house in Brazil, Barcelona... Everyone knows who he is and that he wouldn't be capable of things like this. The situation hurts a lot".

This is the first time that Dinorah Santana has broken her silence to explain her point of view on the case that has the attention of the whole of Spain.

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