Dani Alves latest: Important day in the case, first decisions

Dani Alves latest: Important day in the case, first decisions

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The Brazilian wants freedom provisionally at least, with an electronic bracelet for example

It's a busy day in the 'Dani Alves case'. According to Carlos Quílez, today is the day when the Brazilian's defence will officially present their argument with the main objective of achieving provisional freedom for the accused defender.

Lawyer Cristóbal Martell and his team ask for several alternative measures -- for example "the withdrawal of the passport" or the "electronic bracelet" as alternatives to guarantee that the ex-player of FC Barcelona cannot escape and can leave prison for now in provisional freedom.

Martell already explained to Mayka Navarro, a journalist at La Vanguardia that there were reasonable alternatives to having him locked up.

The Public Prosecutor's Office has already expressed its opposition to the Barcelona Court releasing the former player on bail, considering that there is still a risk of absconding and that there are still indications that he committed the alleged rape for which he was imprisoned on 20 January.

It is not clear whether the provisional release will be decided today or whether we will have to wait for it to be done in the next few days, but what is clear is that it is a very important day in the trial of the Brazilian.

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