Sergino Dest: A confessed Barcelona supporter

He has a good friendship with Konrad, who has let him know about his new club

El claro guiño de Sergiño Dest al Barça | sport

If nothing changes and Sergino Dest comes to Barcelona, the American full-back will say he's making a dream come true in his presentation - and it's true, for once.

German Bona


He has shown he is a Barcelona supporter over the past few years, wearing the club tracksuit and ignoring a deal with Bayern Munich so he can sign for the club he loves.

The 19 year old full-back's picture that he published in May was seen as a wink towards Barca. It's rare to see a player wearing the kit of another club and Dest did it. In his Instagram stories he published a photo wearing Barcelona tracksuit and jacket.

The Ajax player also visited Camp Nou recently and the city with his partner. Dest suits the classic Barca and Ajax possession, attacking style.


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