'Gavimania' in Madrid as a new Spain era kicks off under De la Fuente

'Gavimania' in Madrid as a new Spain era kicks off under De la Fuente

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The Barcelona midfielder was the centre of attention at Las Rozas on Monday

Gavi was the centre of much of the attention at the Ciudad del Fútbol in Las Rozas on Monday. The nearly 1,500 fans, including many children, who attended Spain's training session open to the public did not stop cheering the team and, especially, the Barcelona player.

It was clear that for the youngsters, there was no open wound from the intensity of the clásico. Gavi was the protagonist in several clashes with Real Madrid players, but the public did not take that into account.

On the contrary, some shouts, especially from the girls, were outrageous, demanding that Gavi salute them or make a gesture. The 18-year-old midfielder has become a mass idol far beyond Can Barça

Bike work

Both Gavi and Balde started the session at a slower pace, cycling on a stationary bike. The two players warmed up for a few minutes and eventually joined the rest of the group.

New coach Luis de la Fuente took the lead in organising a gentle session, basically recovery work, in his first contact with the team. He was in good spirits as he chatted with the players, showing a great deal of closeness with them.

The training session was completely open to the public. Something that had not happened since Nov. 11 with Robert Moreno as coach. Then came the pandemic and the sessions had to be closed. A dynamic that lasted for the last three and a half years until this Monday with the landing of De la Fuente.

The expectation was so great that long queues were organised at the gates of the Ciudad del Fútbol and some 500 fans were left unable to see their idols.

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