Dani Carvajal pays tribute to Gavi as fake news dies out

Dani Carvajal pays tribute to Gavi as fake news dies out

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Gavi is the great reference point of Spanish football right now. At the age of 19, he has already been capped 25 times and wrote another chapter in his personal history by helping Spain qualify for the 2024 European Championship thanks to his goal against Norway.

The Barcelona player is highly appreciated by all his teammates. He is already a reference, despite his youth. At the end of the match, Gavi embraced one by one with the other players. In the same way, as soon as his goal was validated by the VAR, he went like an arrow to the bench to join the staff and the substitutes.

Before, he had gone to the corner where the 700 Spaniards were to celebrate with them the goal. Gavi is the image of Luis de la Fuente's new team. No one better than him represents the generational change.

His contribution is so important that it has led him to collect collective praise. Even from the players of Barca's eternal rival, Real Madrid. For example, Dani Carvajal, one of the symbols of Madridismo, said "Gavi is a 'pearl' of our country, at 19 he is a starter in Barcelona and the national team. There is little more to say. The boy has earned it with hard work. Nobody has given him anything. If he is here it is because he is taking advantage of his opportunities".

Gavi is a nexus of unity in the dressing room. Gone are the false rumors about his behavior in the March window when his clashes with Dani Ceballos in the classics were still going on. By the way, Ceballos has not returned to the national team since then and the atmosphere in the team has been excellent.

The Barcelona player empathizes with everyone. For example, he has a magnificent relationship with Joselu. The Real Madrid striker often jokes with the Blaugrana boy and they have given several public displays of their excellent relationship.

Another great pillar that Gavi has in La Roja is Fabian Ruiz. His countryman from Los Palacios advises him and helps him to improve. The PSG player was brief and forceful in defining Gavi after the match in Oslo: "He is a crack".

Little more can be added about a player who has been participating uninterruptedly in all the matches of the Spanish national team for two years. No one else has done so. That's 25 consecutive matches and at the age of 19 he can already say that he has won a trophy with La Roja, the UEFA Nations League, has qualified Spain for the European Championship and has participated in a World Cup, the one in Qatar 2022.

Now he has another challenge ahead of him: the 2024 European Championship. Gavi will lead a young team in which he hopes to add Pedri, his partner in crime who has not yet been able to play with Luis de la Fuente due to injuries. 

The two of them together, together with Rodri, can form the best midfield of the championship. At their feet is the opportunity to do something great in Germany. And De la Fuente knows it.

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