Wales to ban Bale from playing golf during European Championships

Bale has often been criticised for his interest in the sport

Gareth Bale volvió a hacer un partido muy discreto ante el Alavés
Gareth Bale volvió a hacer un partido muy discreto ante el Alavés  | EFE

Welsh FA chief executive Jonathan Ford says the country's players will be banned from playing golf during next summer's European Championships. 

Alejandro Alcázar


"You can’t be in a situation where you have players risking their health and fitness by playing golf," Ford has said this week. 

"I appreciate some players look at it differently. You can’t train all day so there has to be some entertainment for the guys. But you have to be careful.”

It's a decision that everyone involved with Wales is down with, including coach Ryan Giggs. 

Ford added: “Ryan is clear to make sure that while in camp our focus should just be on the football." 

The ban contrasts with how Real Madrid have dealt with Bale. They have not officially banned him from practising his "obsession" despite the medical recommendations that golf could have an adverse effect on his football career. 

Bale has struggled with injuries since he joined Madrid and has been criticised for his love of golf, a criticism he laughed at after helping Wales reach Euro 2020. 

He celebrated in front of a Wales flag with the motto: 'Wales. Gold. Madrid. In that order.' The flag did not go down well in the Spanish capital. 


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