Sevilla fans insult Sergio Ramos again: "Horse face, son of a bitch"

Sergio Ramos clashed with Sevilla fans during Real Madrid's Copa del Rey game at the Sanchez Pizjuan. After scoring a penalty with a Panenka, Ramos riled the home supporters with his gestures.  

On Sunday, with the two sides meeting again in La Liga, the Sevilla fans were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Madrid team bus after the incidents which had marred Thursday's Copa meeting, which saw Los Blancos reach the last eight. 

With two hours to go until the game, there were already fans around the Sanchez Pizjuan waiting for the Madrid team. When the bus eventually pulled up, Ramos was the centre of attention -- and not in a good way. 

Some of the insults included "Caraponi" and "Hijo de puta" ["Horse face" and "Son of a bitch"] as Ramos made his way off the coach and to the dressing room. 

Ramos feels the criticism is unfair. He began his career at Sevilla before signing for Madrid and doesn't understand why he's treated to other former players, such as Ivan Rakitic and Dani Alves. 

Speaking on Thursday he said: "I have not insulted or lacked respect to anyone. This will always be my home, no matter how many people don't understand that, they whistled me and they insulted my mother.

"I've been coming to the stadium for years and they have never received me how I would have liked, like they do to others. I would like that they received me in a different way, but I know it will not be like this. Players like Dani Alves and Ivan Rakitic, they receive them like gods."



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