Florentino Perez preparing a 'galactico' project for 2024

Florentino Perez preparing a 'galactico' project for 2024

Real Madrid have been focussed on young players in recent years

Florentino Perez has maintained a discreet transfer profile in recent years. With the boom of the state-clubs, which nobody can control and which have no spending limits, he changed his policy and signed promising young players for affordable sums. Risky bets on the future that are paying off (Vinicius, Valverde, Militao, Rodrygo...), although not as many as they could have (Odegaard, Kubo, Reinier, Mariano...). The president has saved as much as he could, taking refuge in a competitive squad that has made history in the last decade, with top players who have given a great performances.

But Florentino knows that it is time to renew, to strengthen a team in which he has created an interesting base with young players who can ensure success, but not enough to remain on the podium among the best in the world.

Even considering they have opened the door to opportunities for experienced players who arrived for free to complement the team (Alaba and Rudiger). Apart from the investment Perez has had to make to expand a stadium - that will end up paying for itself - he has saved money to keep the cash flow full and invest in the best players on the international scene. 

Furthermore, Perez, a man of resources, has the necessary backing to apply for loans in case of need, given the financial solvency with which he has provided the club during his administration. For all these reasons, he knows that now is the time to invest the money generated in recent years in signing players such as Bellingham, Haaland and Mbappe, who are currently in the world's top five in terms of decisiveness. The problem is that all three have active contracts, and he will have to wait a couple of years to seal his galactico project.

A project that he wanted to start last year with the signing of Mbappe, but the Frenchman did not respond as Florentino had hoped. That crunched his plans, because he was the ideal lure to attract other talents who wanted to join the squad.

The chief was in shock, because he also missed the opportunity to sign Haaland, but the Frenchman had taken all his attention. But time is now on his side and he has the resources he needs to make a comeback.

He has picked another talent that half of Europe is eyeing, Bellingham, whom he wants to bring on board next summer to further strengthen the squad and plans to tackle the arrival of Mbappe in 2024, who can leave PSG for free, and Haaland, in whom he will invest part of his savings and gather a group of players who are already legendary at Real Madrid.

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