Cesc Fabregas on Eden Hazard looking overweight

The Catalan backed the Belgian who ripped apart Premier League teams

 Eden Hazard completó un partidazo para tumbar al Arsenal en la final de la Europa League | MEDIAPRO

Cesc Fabregas spoke on COPE about Eden Hazard.

He was asked about the Belgian's physical state, with some media saying Hazard is seveal kilos overweight.

"They talk a lot about his weight. It seems like people haven't seen the Premier League for the last seven years. Maybe in pre-season things are a bit harder but you have to give him time, not just for his physical state but because he has to adapt to a new philosophy, another type of play, other pressures.

"Madrid and Barca have pressures of all kinds and I think he didn't even know. I'm sure Eden will do well, because he's a crack and I have no doubts about him."

Hazard y Cesc como compañeros en el Chelsea | AFP



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