Carlo Ancelotti: Vinicius cried three or four hours after The Best snub

Carlo Ancelotti: Vinicius cried three or four hours after The Best snub

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Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti was at his most ironic when he claimed that "Vinicius was crying for three or four hours" for not being among the top 12 at UEFA's 'The Best' awards. Bellingham took centre stage in the round of questions from the press, with the Italian coach asserting that "the shirt doesn't weigh him down" and that the reason for his quick adaptation is "his great personality". He believes that "Vinicius will recover sooner than expected", was pleased to have all the "internationals in top condition to play" against Real Sociedad, and acknowledged that "Modric has played less" because he has tested the youngsters who "have a lot of quality".

"Vinicius was crying in the dressing room. I asked him 'what's going on', and he said: 'They haven't put me on this list'. He cried for three or four hours and we weren't able to get him to stop," the Italian joked to play down the significance of him not being on UEFA's list of the best players 2023. As for the winger's comeback, he believes he is making good time: "The injury is healing well. He has increased the workload and next week he will gradually start training with the team. I think he will recover sooner than the six weeks they said."

Bellingham deserved special attention. He explained that he has not been surprised and came to say that if he has done so it is because many did not know him "playing in the German league and not having the role he does now. He is serious, professional and is not going to lose his head because someone speaks well of him". He assures that he has spoken to him about the position in which he uses him: "At Dortmund he showed the ability to get to the opponent's box on time. He is good there, he has continuity and an important physique". He attributes his quick adaptation to the fact that "he is very good". "Players with personality suffer less and his quality means he doesn't mind wearing a shirt as important as Real Madrid's," he added.

He also analysed the situation of Modric, who complained about playing little when he decided to renew because he was guaranteed to keep his role in the team: "He has only been a starter in one game, but he will play more and will continue to be important. I have spoken to him about it and we will continue to do so. With one game a week I have tested the young players to see how they respond and they have done well. They have quality. I don't need to give minutes to Modric and Kroos because I know what they will contribute. Less minutes this year? maybe yes, because there are extraordinary players".

Lastly Ancelotti said he "has not spoken to Raúl about his future", and that he is usually with the first team "almost every day", because he uses many players from the youth academy. And speaking of the youth academy and the sharing of a video with sexual content by three players, he limited himself to saying that he would refer to the club's statement. He assured that they will have to "keep an eye on Kubo, who is doing very well, scoring goals in a very well-organised team like Real Sociedad".

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