Carlo Ancelotti: "Spain is not racist, but there is racism in Spain"

Carlo Ancelotti: "Spain is not racist, but there is racism in Spain"

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Ancelotti spoke on Tuesday about the racist insults aimed at Vinicius

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti appeared at a press conference on Tuesday to analyse the match against Rayo Vallecano, but the debate focused, once again, on the Vinicius case, whom he defended as a "victim and not to blame."

The Italian is clear: "They call you a son of a bitch, a faggot, fuck your mother, fuck your father. It's not a war, it's a sport, and we have a great opportunity to stop this. Hopefully the institutions, FIFA, which has been very clear... Spain is not racist, but there is racism in Spain, yes, as in other places. This has to stop. And everyone must play their part.

Carletto added that "Vinicius is a victim of what is happening, he is not to blame. Sometimes they say he provokes [racist insults] with his attitude. No, Vinicius is the victim of all this. So are the fans who behave impeccably.

El árbitro De Burgos Bengoetxea, con Ancelotti


"When I refer to the Mestalla stadium, I'm not referring to 46,000 people, but to a group that has behaved very badly, and also to the group in Mallorca, in Valladolid..."

Ancelotti considers that it has become "a habit, leaving aside racism, to insult."

He praised Xavi's comments when he said that "he has seemed to me exemplary" because "we can't afford to accept any insults."

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