Ancelotti defends Koeman after 'intolerable' incident outside Camp Nou

The Tik Tokers caused problems for the Dutch coach on his way out of the Clasico

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German Bona

Carlo Ancelotti has lived through it all, as a coach and before that, as a player. Just like Ronald Koeman. Both have mutual respect and admiration for each other. The Italian put himself in the Dutchman’s skin when asked about the incidents outside Camp Nou following the Clasico.

“It was an annoying feeling, I feel for Koeman, who shouldn’t have to suffer things like that, it can’t be tolerated,” said Ancelotti.

The Italian said “it’s a social problem, not just a football one”. “It’s a lack of respect for the person, not the coach. It shows society has a problem. Koeman is a person, who works as a coach.”



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