David Silva: When I leave football I want to be a coach

The player will abandon Man City at the end of the season

Silva, capitán del City
Silva, capitán del City | sport

Man City's Spanish playmaker David Silva said he wants to be a coach when his playing career ends. 


"With what I've gone through in my career and the passing of time, you become a coach," said Silva. "It was something that I said 'no' to at the start but it's an option because it's looking increasingly interesting. Now when I leave football, I want to be a coach. However, I don't know when because I want to play a few more years."

At 34, Silva said he's had a career "full of joy". "I played with great players like Xavi and Iniesta, who marked a generation of national teams. I played against Ronaldinho at his best, in a moment when you had fear of trying to take the ball off him because he could humiliate use easily. I played against Ronaldo, Zidane and Messi, among others."



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