Arsenal put Sergio Busquets top of their transfer target list

Arsenal want to reinforce their first team. Manager Arsene Wenger has given his directors a list of reinforcements he wants and the priority they have. And on the list you'll find a Barcelona player - Sergio Busquets.

Wenger knows that Francis COquelin can be the team's defensive midfielder, but Sergio Busquets would offer a lot more than the Frenchman could. Moreover, as a world champions and thrice Champions League winner, Busquets, at 27, has still more to offer than helping to manage the midfield. 

Arsenal are able to afford the Catalan, although they don't know if he wants to continue at Barcelona or not. Although he said the other day he could understand why Pedro would leave, it seems this will not be the case for Busquets himself. And not long ago he signed a new deal with the club, up to 2019.


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