Pique's response when asked if he's in favour of Catalan independence

Pique said his sons are "Colombian, Lebanese, Spanish and Catalan"

The Barça defender took questions from journalists on Wednesday

Gerard Piqué se confesó ante los medios en Las Rozas
Gerard Piqué se confesó ante los medios en Las Rozas | AFP

Spain defender Gerard Pique has spoken about his position on the Catalan referendum in a press conference in which he admitted questions from all the journalists present. 


One of the questions, though, he preferred not to give a 'yes' or 'no' answer to and labeled it the "million dollar question." 

When Pique was asked if he was in favour of independence, he said: "That's the million dollar question and I am not going to answer it. Football players are global figures and I can't come out for one side or the other. For example, In Catalonia or in Spain, I would lose half of my followers. And all because people put politics before everything else," he said. 

"My sons, for example, are Colombian, Lebanese, Catalan and Spanish. We are in a global world. I think that my answer is not the important issue. There's a serious political problem in Spain which is getting worse and the solution can be found through dialogue. Either there's dialogue or it goes on. No one knows what the consequences will be. We have to be coherent, have respect and try to talk. Everything can be achieved through dialogue. 

"I am sure there are many circumstances. It's a cocktail. I'm not looking for the reasons but for the solution."



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