Paris Saint-Germain resurrect their desire to sign Barça midfielder Pedri

Paris Saint-Germain resurrect their desire to sign Barça midfielder Pedri

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The French club dream of bringing in the Spanish star but it seems very unlikely

Paris Saint-Germain have entered a vortex of absolute madness following Kylian Mbappé's refusal to renew his contract, which expires in 2024. The Parisian club have put their star player up for sale and are looking for new stars on the market. One of their dreams is Pedri González. A long-held desire that has now been rekindled.

As reported by the portal 'PSG Community', the French club want to take advantage of an alleged clause of €110 million that the player would have for this summer window. A clause that, however, does not exist, as confirmed by SPORT. Pedri has renewed his contract until 2026 and the clause is €1 billion.

The reality is that PSG have already sounded out his possible signing. The French side expressed their interest weeks ago to Héctor Peris, CEO of the agency that represent Pedri, Leaderbrock Sports, but the player did not even consider the option. Barça were not willing to talk to the Parisians either.

Pedri, en una acción del partido ante el Arsenal

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PSG's desire predates the tussle with Mbappé and the arrival of Luis Enrique on the French bench. In Paris, they wanted Pedri as a reference player of the future, at the age of 20, and dreamed of a duo with Mbappé.

Really remote chance

Now, in the event of losing Mbappé, it cannot be ruled out that the French portal is right and they will make an offer, which as of today has not happened. Pedri is very clear about his future, though. He is a Barcelona fan through and through and his only desire is to continue to wear the Blaugrana shirt.

The scenario could only remotely change if PSG were to present a dizzying, out-of-market proposal that Barcelona would see as a solution to a large part of its financial problems.

A possibility that is not contemplated as it would have to be a very exaggerated offer for Barça's leaders to sit down with PSG. The same would happen with the player. He has all five senses set on FC Barcelona and it is almost impossible for him to change his position.

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