Nobody wants Eden Hazard after Madrid disaster

Nobody wants Eden Hazard after Madrid disaster

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Eden Hazard will go down in history as one of Real Madrid's worst ever signings. According to Belgian media, the former Chelsea player ended up costing 160 million euros and his contribution on the pitch has been negligable. At the age of 32 and after finishing his contract on July 1, he still hasn't found a destination where he can continue his career.

Madrid paid a huge sum in 2019 for one of the best players in the Premier League. In fact, a centre-back of the calibre of Rio Ferdinand acknowledged that the Belgian was "unbeatable one-on-one". However, he never really showed at the Santiago Bernabéu the slightest hint of his quality.

Eden Hazard's numbers during the four seasons he was in Los Blancos are truly horrendous. In 76 games he was only able to score seven goals and dish out twelve assists. According to 'Salary Sport', the Belgian was paid 23.2 million euros per season. In total, 92.8 million in salary. Adding up everything Madrid have paid for him, each goal he has scored has cost around 36 million euros.

The low level he has produced has left him practically without options to continue his sporting career anywhere decent. A few seasons ago, it was unthinkable that, at just 32 years of age, retirement was an option for one of the most devastating players on the planet.

In June, Hazard assured a local Belgian television station that "I'm still capable of being a professional footballer, my body can take it". The reality, which is very different, is that after more than a month without a team, he has practically no offers on the table.

At the time, it was rumoured that he could be heading to the MLS to join Leo Messi and Sergio Busquets at Inter Miami. These rumours gained momentum when the Mexican Rodolfo Pizarro announced that he was leaving the club (by his own decision), freeing up one of the three "Franchise Player" slots in the MLS, a condition that allows some players to charge more than the salary cap in the North American league, and with the arrival of Jordi Alba, everything seems to indicate that this route has been ruled out.

Given this scenario, and although it seems that he is not thinking of hanging up his boots, it is not at all out of the question that this alternative could be the case. He is only 32 years old, and his quality is undeniable, but it is very difficult for the unstoppable Hazard of Chelsea to return. Now, the image of the ruinous player he has been for Real Madrid weighs more heavily.

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