Truth revealed about Mourinho's relationship with Pedro Leon

"You talk of Pedro Leon as if he was [Zinedine] Zidane or [Diego] Maradona or [Alfredo] di Stefano. He was playing for Getafe two days ago." That was Jose Mourinho during a press conference before a game against Levante in 2010. His quotes generated a lot of controversy, but we never knew the details of the relationship between the Portuguese coach and the Spanish midfielder. Now, six years later, Jerzy Dudek has revealed exactly what happened in his autobiography. 

“We were drawing 0-0 and Mourinho asked him to warm up, but rather than do so properly he simply stood by the corner flag and did a few stretches. I was sitting on the bench near Mourinho and he spotted this. He was fuming: “Look at his lack of effort. And then he gets offended when I tell him he’s not buckling down...' the Polish goalkeeper writes. 

At the end of the game, the Portuguese was kicked off at Pedro Leon: "You are unprofessional. You think you’re cheating me? No. You’re cheating your team-mates. I saw your warm-up. You couldn’t care less about it, but I put you on. Two balls you had to deliver. Two balls for the strikers to put into an empty net. But you were not prepared. Do you care about playing for Real Madrid? Everyone has their five minutes here. You’ve had yours."

Dudek then continued to tell what happened next: “The following day we had training ahead of a Champions League tie away to Auxerre. Leon thought he would play, but Mourinho called us all into the middle of the pitch and singled him out: 'I’m really sorry that you’re not interested in playing for Real Madrid. Really sorry. Others would sacrifice everything to wear the shirt. But you’re not interested.'" 

To end things, Mourinho said to Pedro Leon: "You will watch [the game] at home on TV. I need people who will die for Real Madrid. Enjoy watching the Champions League on television."


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