LaLiga president Javier Tebas' incredible pay rise

LaLiga president Javier Tebas' incredible pay rise

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Tebas is in line to earn over €5 million this season if he hits his targets

Javier Tebas' salary continues to increase after the Extraordinary Assembly of LaLiga. The president proposed to the First and Second Division clubs to increase his salary, which, after its approval, has reached quite questionable figures. The €3.36 million he earned last season has increased to €5.47m a year.

Tebas' proposal, and that of the Delegate Commission, was approved by 40 Spanish clubs. However, two clubs were against it. One of those clubs was Real Madrid, who already announced publicly that they would reject it. As it was a secret ballot, the other club is unknown.

Tebas' figures, since he took office, have been changing. Surprisingly, when he was appointed as the head of the competition, he criticised the figures set by his predecessor. What's more, he went so far as to reduce his salary by a few thousand euros when he took over. However, this was a passing gesture as time went on.

The fixed salary, as reported in El Español, remains at €2.19m. However, through the quantitative and qualitative variables, he will be able to obtain a historic figure, as he will be paid more than the average of the presidents of the Ibex companies, when LaLiga's turnover is eight times less.

Javier Tebas, presidente de LaLiga

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The qualitative variables could reach €1.97m and the quantitative variables could reach €1.31m. This modification will be carried out after the Extraordinary Assembly of LaLiga. In short, it will mean an increase of 57% compared to his last salary.

In this way, if he is re-elected as president of the competition, he will secure a salary that could be multiplied by 15 over the next 10 years.

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