Spanish Super Cup change: 'Final Four' format to take place in January

The RFEF have made important changes to preseason as well as creating a new tournament to crown the Spanish Super Cup winners

El Barça y el Real Madrid deberán cambiar su planificación
El Barça y el Real Madrid deberán cambiar su planificación | EFE

The LaLiga calender is set to change next season after the RFEF - the Spanish FA - decided to introduce a new format to the Spanish Super Cup. The existing format is similar to what is seen in other major leagues, where the domestic cup holders take on the league winners in a preseason curtain raiser. However the new format will take place in the middle of the season, January to be precise, and will feature four teams in total.

Part of the decision to bring in this change is to allow LaLiga clubs longer preseason tours abroad to bring in more money. Another aspect is to allow players and sides involved in European qualifiers to take part as the season will be in full flow by January.

The 'Final Four' tournament will take place outside of Spain too. The teams included in this are the teams who finished first and second in the league, the Copa del Rey winner, and the beaten finalist.

As such the Copa del Rey format will also change next season. All matches prior to the semi-finals will be one-off matches. However Javier Tebas and LaLiga will need to agree to these changes before they can be officially confirmed.


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