Sevilla's board of directors will not attend Barça game due to Negreira case

Sevilla's board of directors will not attend Barça game due to Negreira case

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The club announced their decision in a statement on Friday afternoon

Sevilla have issued a statement confirming their absence from all the ceremonial acts prior to the match against FC Barcelona at the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys. The board of directors will not be present in the stadium following the new indictment of the Blaugrana for alleged bribery in the Negreira case.

Here is the Sevilla statement:

"After the latest news and developments in the Negreira Case and the indictment of FC Barcelona and some of its former officials, out of respect for the competition and our fans, we would like to communicate that:

"-We express our complete outrage and condemnation of the actions carried out by the former officials of FC Barcelona who are indicted in the Negreira case, actions that are allegedly considered criminal by the Court of Instruction of Barcelona, as stated in the court order disseminated in the media.

"-We reject the behavior of FC Barcelona during the periods in which these alleged crimes took place

"-For this reason, we have suspended the normal protocol corresponding to the LaLiga match scheduled for Friday, September 29, between FC Barcelona and Sevilla FC, and will have no representation in the Montjuic stadium's VIP box.

"-We want to express our deepest respect for the Barcelona members and season ticket holders, as well as for their current employees and officials who work daily at FC Barcelona and who are indirectly implicated in this matter.

"-We respect the Spanish justice system, the presumption of innocence, and any decisions that may be made in any direction by the relevant courts and disciplinary bodies.

"-We hope that, for the sake of the competition, all events in the Negreira case will be clarified in light of the judge's recent considerations.

"-We trust that incidents such as the alleged ones do not happen again and that the relevant federative bodies will ensure, from now on, the integrity of all competitions, which Sevilla FC has also been participating in during the periods under investigation against FC Barcelona."

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