Sergio Ramos feels marginalised and is ready to rebel against Nike

Sergio Ramos can't take it anymore. The centre-back has felt marginalised by Nike for a while and has decided to rebel against the American company. 

In the last few days speculation has appeared suggesting Ramos will play with completely blacked out boots. Some people claimed it could be a marketing campaign, but the reality is the opposite. 

According to, the reason the Real Madrid man is covering the Nike logo is because he's angry with the company. 

He believes his contract with them doesn't correspond with a player of his level -- he's considered one of the best defenders in the world. 

However, the American multinational have now launched many campaigns 'forgetting' Ramos. It's an economic problem but also one of recognition. 

Therefore, the 30-year-old has decided to break off his relationship with Nike and is ready to listen to offers from Puma, New Balance, Under Armour and others. 

That said, his objective is to sign with Adidas, the only brand capable of competing, in all senses, with Nike. 


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