Ronaldo to Benitez: "You only see offences by the Portuguese"

Cristiano Ronaldo got angry during a Real Madrid training session in Australia on Wednesday. 

During a mini-game, Madrid's new boss ruled out a goal by the club's No.7, a decision which did not go down too well at all. 

"Fuck, hombre... you only see offences against the Portuguese players," Ronaldo stropped, as seen in the video below.

The Portuguese was not happy again when, as the session neared its climax, Benitez set up a game of which the purpose was to hit the crossbar. 

"We should be practicing to put the ball between the posts, not this shite," Ronaldo was supposedly caught saying. 

So far it doesn't seem as if Benitez and Ronaldo have got off to a good start. 

That's not something which could be said about the relationship between Ronaldo and Madrid's last coach, Carlo Ancelotti. 


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