Isco explains why he can't be seen with his dog... Messi

Real Madrid player Isco has spoken on 'El Hormiguero 3.0' on Antena 3. The Spanish forward told various anecdotes, with one about his dog, who is curiously named Messi due to his past admiration for the Argentine forward, standing out. 

"I have to say in my favour that calling the dog Messi was more my brother and dad's idea than mine. I'm cleaning my hands with it [the naming of the dog], I'm a Madridsta and that's that. I don't walk him anyomore, imagine me calling him Messi in the streets," said Isco, who has been linked with a possible transfer this summer. 

Isco also spoke about the upcoming Champions League final against Atletico Madrid. "We want to bring the Champions League home, it's everyone's dream. My sweepstake is 2-0," he said, before admitting the sacking of Rafa Benitez was needed in January: "The season wasn't going well and we needed changes, it was what everyone needed." 


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