Gay rights group condemn homophobic Ronaldo chants

The Spanish Observatory against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender phobia has filed a report to the State Commission against Violence in Sport after Barcelona fans sang homophobic chants at Cristiano Ronaldo during Saturday’s Clasico. 

“These deplorable and shameful acts are punishable according to the law of sport (2007),” said the director of the Observatory against LGBT phobia, Francisco Ramirez. He highlights that for many years in Spanish stadiums “players and referees are repeatedly insulted with homophobic abuse, but there has still been no public sanctions, which could help to end the presence of these chants in Spanish football.” 

Ramirez adds that for months “Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo has been the continued object of insults and malicious rumours regarding his sexual orientation from journalists, players and fans of rival teams in order to humiliate, offend and denigrate a great football player."

“It is necessary to clarify that homophobia does not necessarily mean that people who suffer are homosexual, but only that other people believe it or use it to insult, harass and humiliate others,” Ramirez nuanced. 


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