Eldense player makes shocking match-fixing allegations after 12-0 Barca B thrashing

Cheikh Saad did not play in the game but he alleged that match-fixing was involved

He claimed he was on the verge of a fight with "four players" whom he can name

El Eldense cosechó 12 goles en el Miniestadi
El Eldense cosechó 12 goles en el Miniestadi | Ignasi Paredes

Cheikh Saad, Eldense player, has spoke to El Mon de Rac1, presented by Jordi Baste, about a potential match-fixing case related to the team’s 12-0 defeat by Barcelona B.

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He has confirmed the claims that emerged on Sunday night and says he is willing to give up the names of the players involved. “There are four players involved in match fixing. I don’t care what happens, but when I can, I will give the names of these players.”

Saad does not think Barcelona B players were involved, saying “they did what they had to do, score goals”. He also said “in the dressing room I was on the verge of coming to blows with these players”.

“Half an hour before playing the game against Barcelona B I was starting, but before the game   they made us leave the line up. They told a team-mate this game was fixed and if he wanted to play he should not score goals. They didn’t ask me. The coach knew something, I’m sure, and the players too.

“The coach told me to come on and I told him I did not want to. I also told my team-mates on the bench that they shouldn’t go out on to the pitch if they didn’t want their names to be stained.

President David Aguilar, announced on the same program that there are "fewer Italian players involved than Spaniards" and that he was going to report the situation.

The president said after the game “I saw strange things, a lack of intensity, just one booking, players not putting their foot in.”



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