Brazilian club praises "extra terrestrial" Messi ahead of the Copa América final

Brazilian club praises "extra terrestrial" Messi ahead of the Copa América final

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Fluminense's social media channels boasted of having the Argentinian star prepare for the game at their training ground

Brazil and Argentina are due to compete in an exciting Copa América final at 3 AM on Sunday morning (CEST). The two countries and national sides have shared a long-lasting battle for the supremacy of South American football. However, the figure of Leo Messi transcends all rivalries, regardless of how passionate or deeply rooted these may be.

The Argentina captain is admired wherever he goes. And Brazil is no exception, despite the fact that their national team will play against Messi's side in a matter of hours.

Leo Messi provoca admiración incluso entre los máximos rivales


Lionel Scaloni's outfit has been preparing for the Copa América final at the Fluminense training ground, completing their last session before the final, due to be held at the famous Maracaná Stadium, on Friday. The popular club from Rio de Janeiro did not miss the chance to boast about the fact that they had been graced with the presence of the best player of all time.

On their official Instagram profile, Fluminense posted a video of Argentina's final training session before the final alongside the caption "The extra-terrestrial is amongst us at the Carlos Castilho training ground".

Almost the entire Fluminense squad took the opportunity to have a photo alongside Messi during Argentina's spell at the club's training ground. This includes their star player, Nene, who needed to clarify - after receiving abuse on social media - that he would be supporting Brazil for Sunday's final.

We don't know how long Messi will continue to play professional football, but we can be sure that his football will live on forever in the memory of football fans.

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