Cristiano Ronaldo served with a lawsuit over the alleged rape case

The Portuguese international has been called to appear before a US court but his lawyers are looking to have the case dismissed

The Sun: Así bailaba Cristiano Ronaldo con Mayorga el día de la presunta violación | The Sun

Cristiano Ronaldo, accused of raping a woman in Las Vegas in 2009, has received his lawsuit to appear before a court in the United States. Kathryn Mayorga, the women accusing Cristiano of this crime, previously withdraw the case after receiving $375,000 hush money from the player. Now, 10 years later, she has filed another lawsuit.

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As revealed by 'TMZ', Cristiano has received the papers to appear before a federal court in America. However, the reaction from his lawyers has been clear and precise. They sent a letter to the judge casting doubt on the women's version of events. In the said letter they outlined the reasons why the case should be dismissed.

The Las Vegas police sent a letter to Italian authorities seeking to obtain Cristiano's DNA.


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