Claudio Marchisio announces his retirement from football

The Italian legend was at Zenit but is giving up because of injuries

 El italiano dijo desear volver a jugar la final de Berlín que dio el último triplete azulgrana | Perform

Claudio Marchisio retired from football at 33 on Thursday.

Javier Villodres

The Juventus legend played nearly 400 matches there and joined Zenit St Petersburg in 2008.

The Italian international had 55 caps for his country and reached the final of Euro 2012.

Marchisio, known as ‘the little prince’, won seven Serie A titles with Juventus, starting his career there in 2006.

“I’d made a promise to the kid who dreamt to become a football player. I would have played until I had felt the marvel stepping into the pitch. I wasn’t fulfilling my promise anymore, that’s why I prefer to stop. So, thank you dream, you gave me strength, success and joy!” said Marchisio on Twitter.


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