Worry over Samuel Umtiti's knee injury increasing

The Frenchman has a problem that is rare for players of his age

El central francés realizará un tratamiento conservador en Doha, Catar  | sport

Toni Frieros

Barcelona published a statement from their medical services which said that Samuel Umtiti is returning to Camp Nou for conservative treatment on his knee injury.

That means he’s leaving Qatar, where he has been taking conservative treatment on the same injury under supervision from club medics.

At the club they are worried about him. Since September 28 Umtiti has been out and has only played once since then, against Atletico at the Wanda.

The recommendation from some was that Umtiti should take surgery. He had some pains since May last season.

Umtiti is young and this knee cartilage problem is not usual in players as young as him. There are parts of loose cartilage, something that forced Carles Puyol to retire.

Some Barcelona staff think that Umtiti has let time get away from him and if he had been operated on after the Russia World Cup then he would be ready to come back now.

Work in the gym - strengthening quads and other muscles nearby - is insufficient and taking on the regeneration of cartilage is complicated.

Umtiti has had various therapies. There is worry and optimism about him. Treatments have worked before to prolong the life of the knee and that is important when we’re talking about an elite footballer who is only 25.

The reason Umtiti didn’t take surgery is because the chances of overcoming the issue is high without it. However if that does not happen eventually he will take the surgery.




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