Why is Griezmann keeping quiet about his future?

The Atletico Madrid star's said nothing about his potential move to Barça

Antoine Griezmann no quiso dar pistas sobre su futuro | Perform

There's a calm tension surrounding Antoine Griezmann's future right now. The main actors are managing their strategies. It's a case of keeping up appearances because it seems unlikely that there's any other ending than the French forward pulling on a Barcelona shirt. 

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Griezmann is guarding his silence. It's a tough time because he knows there will not be a friendly reaction from the Atletico fans when his move to Barça is made official. In the final league game of the season, he found himself in an uncomfortable situation, whistled by his own supporters. 

The former Real Sociedad player knows the smartest thing to do now is to not talk, so as to no create more noise about his departure. But he also knows abuse will arrive when he says goodbye to Atletico. 

Meanwhile, the Rojiblanco are playing their cards to pressure the football into staying and to show the fans they are doing their bit. At first, it was leaked they'd offered a salary of 20 million euros, which seems unlikely given their current wage bill. Then they pressed with affection, petition for him to stay in the wake of the Europa League triumph. 

Even some of his teammates, like Gabi, can resist getting involved. Griezmann uploaded a photograph to Instagram kissing the Europa League trophy and the Atleti captain replied: "Friend, thanks for your involvement and I want you in my team." 

Godin also did his part, telling Atletico fans in the game against Eibar that "[Griezmann] is going to stay." Words which served to halt the whistles and turn them into applause at the Wanda. 

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Board members, teammates and supporters all trying to stop the club's best player leaving. But at Barça they're calm. They have the player's word. There's even a contract agreement. He will form part of the second tier of the squad's pay structure, earning around 15 million per year over years. 

But Barça want to be respectful with Atletico and the player. They will wait until July 1 to execute the 100 million euro release clause. 

The Catalan club looked into a deal last summer, when they saw him as an option to replace Neymar. But then his release clause stood at 200 million euros. 

That was because of an agreement Atletico reached with the player to protect him after their transfer ban was upheld. Griezmann stayed because he did not want to leave them short this season. 

Now the situation has changed and the player's even began exchanging messages with some Barça players. The feedback with the dressing room has been good and convinced him to make the next step in his career: to join Barça and to join an attack featuring Messi and Suarez. 



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