The Barca squad's angry reaction towards Valverde in Rome

The coach had to listen to one of the dressing room heavyweights criticise one of his decisions

El Barça cayó eliminado de la Champions al perder por 3-0 ante la Roma en un partido para olvidar | BEINSPORTS

FC Barcelona's stunning defeat to Roma has defined their season and above all, the squad's view of Ernesto Valverde. On a personal level, there is no problem with the coach, who is seen as affable, but his professional ability is another story altogether. And his decisions in Rome saw his players tell him how they really felt.

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One of the most severe responses he got came from one of the dressing room heavyweights. "Boss, this was a game for physical players," he told Valverde.

The coach listened to the player but could not give him an answer.

Everyone, from the coaching staff to the players, was devestated by the defeat and the dark atmosphere meant this was no occasion for reasoned dialogue.

Valverde was well aware of how unhappy the players were with his tactics in Rome. From his starting 11, which lacked the muscle to combat Di Francesco's side's play, to the lack of tactical changes he made during the game.

The defeat was hard to swallow and the coach is aware that he needs to take much more action during a game if situations like what happened at the Olympic Stadium occur again.

His next opportunity is the Copa del Rey final on Saturday at the Wanda Metropilitano, and Valverde must prove he can rise to the occasion. 


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