Renew or be sold: Dembele the key to Barça making a big signing

Renew or be sold: Dembele the key to Barça making a big signing

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The Frenchman is out of contract in 2022 and has not yet renewed his deal

Ousmane Dembele's comments while with the France squad didn't go down well at Barcelona. So much so that the club's intentions have changed drastically. They wanted and still want to renew his contract, but his refusal to sit down and talk has obliged them to make a firm decision: Ousmane's on the market and they will listen to offers for him.

That he extends his deal with Barça is more complicated all the time, but finding an exit does not seem easy. His agent, Moussa Sissoko, expressed as much recently. “I don't expect Dembele to leave Barcelona." That does not mean Barça will sit on their hands. The forward is on the market and they're looking for buyers. The price would be between 50 and 60 million euros.

At 24 and after showing his quality at Barça, beyond the injuries, he had a great reputation in Europe. With one year to go on his contract, his price is obviously less than it would have been last summer, but he's still someone the club could bring in money for. The poker game is underway and Barça could even play the card of leaving him in the stands every week. Similar to what happened with Eric Garcia at Manchester City. He didn't want to renew with City because his desire was to return to Barça. Dembele could be in a similar no man's land for a year if he doesn't renew. Barça believe his camp want to negotiate a big payday next summer when he can leave for free.

Barça don't have cash at the moment, which is why they're signing three transfers. However, they hope to raise money to make more signings. Possible sales would help and selling Dembele would allow Barça to make a play for another young forward. The message for Dembele is clear: renew or be sold. If he doesn't make a decision, it could be a long season for him. Very long.